As we navigate through a time of unprecedented global changes, our resolve to build a brighter future for Myanmar remains unwavering. Despite the complexities of the present, we see these moments not just as challenges but as opportunities for growth and innovation. Our commitment to excellence and progress has never been more important.

The journey we embark on together towards national prosperity and personal success is a testament to our resilience and adaptability. Our focus on enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations remains key in driving our country's development. Recognizing the evolving landscape of education and the need for dynamic approaches, Strategy First University is dedicated to redesigning and enriching our educational systems to meet these new demands.

Established in February 2010, Strategy First has always been at the forefront of empowering Myanmar's enterprises, entrepreneurs, and business executives to thrive in a competitive global environment. Our unique position as a flexible private institution, enriched with a robust network of international partner universities and academic resources, places us in an ideal position to contribute significantly to our nation's transformation.

We extend a warm welcome to all who are dedicated to achieving excellence in their lives and making a positive impact in the development of Myanmar. Together, we will forge a path of success and create a legacy of innovation and resilience.

U Aung Chit Khin

Founder / President



The human’s life is indispensable with knowledge and it becomes the cutting edge in today’s competitive environment. From the childhood to old age, everyone must learn and acquire knowledge life long so as to survive and grow.

We, the Strategy First University, are one of the leading private education institutions in Myanmar and committed to providing quality educations for the undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. Our programmes are belonged to university courses and professional development courses. Thus, we are serving both young students and adults.

We are always concerned with creating and delivering real values to our students. Our students are to be guided and supported to learn effectively in line with the modern teaching and learning philosophy of student-centred approach. We are to deliver courses in accordance with the set learning objectives and learning outcomes. The relevant and necessary mechanism of academic governance and quality assurance is put into place. By this way, our students will acquire duly the knowledge and skills of their subjects and accomplish their goals of study in our university.

We are helping and supporting our students not only to educate but also to become good citizens. Our students will have access to a broader world and reap the opportunities there. Our students will be able to hold good job positions and develop their careers.

We are indeed willing to give a helping hand to our people in the development of knowledge in various disciplines and areas. We therefore appreciate very much your interest, contact and enrollment.

Best wishes to you!

Dr. U Sein Min

Vice President (Academic)



I am very pleased to welcome you to our esteemed Strategy First University.

We offer different programmes in various disciplines for young and adults in obtaining undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We also offer professional diploma programmes for working adults in pursuing lifelong learning and personal enrichment.We have established the working relationship with local employers in preparing their workforces with the skills they need to be successful in their professions.

We are ready to assist you during your stay with us and establish lifelong friendships. We wish you a successful academic journey with us in achieving your desired education.

Best regards,

Dr. Daw Ni Lar Win

Vice Provost, Dean, Department of Civil Engineering