Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


    To contribute to socio-economic development of Myanmar citizens through:
    • Enabling local business to adopt strategic approaches that delivers a sustainable competitive edge in the globalized marketplace.
    • Developing internationally competitive individuals who are financially successful and at the same time, to conduct themselves and their business responsibly for the society and the environment, while achieving healthy financial returns and sustainable growth.


We do not discriminate based on race, color, age, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation and/or income level. However, we do not serve alcohol, tobacco and certain multi-level marketing companies and their employees. Alcohol Control Campaign is an integral part of Strategy First. If alcohol consumption is an important part of your life, we strongly advise you to choose another institution, since you may feel offended by our strict policies.


To be recognized internationally for the success, skills and socially responsible behaviors of the business leaders who studied with us and the notable contributions they have made to Myanmar and to the world.


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