Undergraduate Programme Scholarship

For First Year Students, scholarships are awarded based on their matriculation exam results or IGCSE exam results (eligible for Business Management, Civil Engineering, and Business Information Technology Programmes’ candidates)

  • 1 DISTINCTION → 200,000 Kyats
  • 2 DISTINCTIONS → 400,000 Kyats
  • 3 DISTINCTIONS → 600,000 Kyats
  • 4 DISTINCTIONS → 800,000 Kyats
  • 5 DISTINCTIONS → 1,500,000 Kyats
  • 6 DISTINCTIONS → 2,000,000 Kyats
  • ENGLISH DISTINCTION → 400,000 Kyats
  • ENGLISH 60+ → 200,000 Kyats

Professional Development Programme Scholarships

Dr. U Thaung Han Scholarships

This scholarship programme is created exclusively for ICM single subject diploma (UK) classes. This need-based scholarship programme is the affiliation of Dr. U Thaung Han and Strategy First University. Overall, 10 applicants will be chosen for this programme, which worths 4,550,000kyat.

Open to :

  • Must not be MBA graduates.
  • Must have bachelor’s degree.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Applicant must be Myanmar citizen.
  • Scholarships are not transferable.
  • Scholarships are not allowed to exchange with cash.
  • Scholarship is only eligible to attend ICM classes at Strategy First University.
  • Awarded applicants have to follow all the regulations and policy of Strategy First University and complete the program within an academic year.
  • Re-sit and re-submitted fees will be paid by the awarded applicants.
  • Excursion trips (domestic and international) fees are expected to pay by applicant.
  • Awarded applicants may commit to contribute to the nation’s development and help those in needs.

Required documents will be announced when the applications are open.