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Now we are at the most exciting time in the history of Myanmar since our independence in 1948. Everyone is hopeful about changes taking place and the promising future of our country. We need to do much to catch up with our ASEAN neighbors in terms of economic development and to secure back a respectable position in the global community.

The journey towards our national prosperity is not without challenges. Our country’s development will depend heavily on how far we can improve capabilities of individuals and firms in the country. While Myanmar is attempting to cope with the massive requirement to redesign its education systems, the achievement of desired goals demands that Myanmar redevelops its generations of people who missed out on proper education opportunities over the past few decades.

Strategy First was established in February 2010 to help develop Myanmar enterprises, entrepreneurs and business executives to be internationally competitive. We will fully exploit our unique position as a flexible private institution with a strong network of international partner universities and cutting edge academic resources to contribute to the transformation process. Strategy First University welcomes those who are committed to achieve success and excellence in life and in the development of Myanmar.

Aung Chit Khin
Founder / President

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