Professional Development Programme Scholarships

Dr. U Thaung Han Scholarships

This scholarship programme is created exclusively for ICM single subject diploma (UK) classes. This need-based scholarship programme is the affiliation of Dr. U Thaung Han and Strategy First Institute. Overall, 10 applicants will be chosen for this programme, which worths 4,550,000kyat.

Open to:

  • Must not be MBA graduates.
  • Must have bachelor’s degree.

Terms and conditions:

  • Applicant must be Myanmar citizen.
  • Scholarships are not transferable.
  • Scholarships are not allowed to exchange with cash.
  • Scholarship is only eligible to attend ICM classes at Strategy First Institute.
  • Awarded applicants have to follow all the regulations and policy of Strategy First Institute and complete the program within an academic year.
  • Re-sit and re-submitted fees will be paid by the awarded applicants.
  • Excursion trips (domestic and international) fees are expected to pay by applicant.
  • Awarded applicants may commit to contribute to the nation’s development and help those in needs.

Applications will re-open in

Required documents will be announced when the applications are opened.