Applied Statistical Analysis

We will teach using Applied Statistical Analysis by using “SPSS” software. Applied Statistical Analysis can be applied on research report in Research Firm.

Course Outline

  1. Basics of Statistics and Research
  2. Nature and importance of SPSS
  3. Data entry * Coding or labeling value
  4. How to handle missing data
  5. Descriptive Statistics
    – Frequency and Chart Central Tendency and Dispersion
    – Mean and Standard deviation
    – Cross Tabulation
    – Data exploring
  6. Variable Transformation
  7. Compute variables
  8. Sort and Select Case
  9. Compare mean
    – Independent-samples
    – One sample t test
    – Paired t test
    – One way ANOVA
  10. Non-parametric Test
    – Chi Square Test
    – Independence Test
    – Goodness of fit
  11. Correlation and regression analysis
    – Pearson’s and Spearman’s correlation
    – Simple linear regression
    – Multiple linear regressions analysis
  12. Validity and Reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha, Split-half Reliability)
    – Factor Analysis (KMO and Bartlett’s test,
    Communalities Component matrix)